Arizona Is Retirement Paradise

July 27, 2022

Retirement remains the perfect time to explore and diversify your life with a new, beautiful home location. Whether you plan to completely uproot or simply find a second home, retiring in Arizona allows you to witness magnificent desert plains, snow-capped mountains and, of course, the Grand Canyon. Our parcels on the Stagecoach Trails development near Yucca provide the perfect travel hub to tour the Southwest United States.

Stagecoach Trails

Subdivided into 40-acre ranches, Stagecoach Trails totals 130,000 acres just outside Yucca, Kingman and Lake Havasu City. The development borders federal and state lands near the Colorado River, offering seclusion, protection and charm on the open plain. Here, parcels range from $19,000 to $90,000 based on an assessment of access, beauty and character. Pick a plot to match your budget and favorite combo of sunset-viewing locations.

Cost Of Living

Retiring in Arizona puts you and your wallet at ease. In fact, property taxes remain under the national average, allowing you to save and profit from pristine, new property. Land ownership means you have the ability to subdivide or work the land in any way you see fit. If don’t want to just sit still during your retirement this is your opportunity to farm, raise livestock or build a vacation home for your family to use for generations to come.

Climate And Landscape

Enjoy countless outdoor activities while retiring in Arizona. Parcels on Stagecoach Trails experience cool, dry air without any snow to trap you indoors. And, the abundance of nearby parks and pools, means that the summer heat is never unbearable for you or your visiting family. Use this ideal climate to visit nearby cities or state attractions like Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest National Park and more!

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