Buying a Ranch for Self-Sufficient Living

April 23, 2022

Recent events in the world have a lot of people considering alternatives to our traditional lifestyle. Purchasing a plot of land where you can live self-sufficiently is an option more and more people are exploring. While you might not want to go entirely “off-the-grid,” becoming more self-sufficient can be a very satisfying endeavor. If such a life appeals to you, Wyoming ranch property could make the ideal home.

What Is A “self-sufficient” Lifestyle?

Self-sufficiency generally means supplying your own needs. That can be taken to an extreme, to mean living apart from others, supporting yourself entirely with things you grow and make for yourself. It doesn’t have to be such a radical endeavor, though. You can live a fairly “normal” life while providing much of what you need yourself and perhaps bartering a bit for the things you can’t or don’t want to produce yourself.

With a suitable space, you can certainly grow much of your own food. Even in a city, most people have room for at least a small herb garden, and with a decent-sized plot of land like our Laramie, Wyoming ranch lots, you could grow plenty of vegetables for yourself, your family, and even your neighbors. You might even decide to sell your surplus at a local farmer’s market.

Ranch property provides more than enough room for a garden, and enough to raise a few animals for meat, milk, and eggs.

You can produce your own electricity with photovoltaic solar panels or wind power. A well can provide for your water needs.

Wild Horse Ranch Could Be Your Ideal “homestead”

In addition to providing you with the space to support your self-sufficient lifestyle, there’s plenty of open space surrounding the property, too. If you like to hunt, Wyoming offers enough opportunity to satisfy any outdoorsperson, and at Wild Horse Ranch you’ll have Sheep Mountain practically in your backyard. There, you’ll be able to hunt for deer, antelope, elk, and more. Love to fish? Our lots surround Lake Hattie where you can catch a number of trout species as well as Kokanee salmon and perch.

And if you’re looking for a little civilization, the town of Laramie has everything you need and is only minutes from your property.

Ready to find out more? You can request your free information packet here or just give us a call at 877.468.9802. When you’re ready to see the lots in person, we’ll be happy to set up a tour of the property.

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