Buying Land for Your Dream Home—Is Ranch Property Right for You?

July 28, 2021

Many people dream of buying a plot of land to build their dream home. The idea of a home in the country, designed and built to your exact specifications, is certainly appealing. Building the place you’ll live out your retirement years can be a very satisfying endeavor and a great source of pride.

If you’re among the many Americans with this dream, perhaps you’ve considered buying ranch property in Wyoming. There are a lot of great reasons to consider a lot at Wild Horse Ranch for your “forever” home, but ranch property isn’t ideal for everyone. Let’s explore whether it’s right for you.

Why are you considering purchasing ranch property?

People choose ranch property for a lot of reasons—what are yours? Are you looking for a place to raise horses and other animals? Do you want a home with access to outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and hiking? Does the idea of working on your own land appeal to you? Or is it simply a romantic dream, to own a home in the country?

Any of these can be good reasons to consider purchasing a ranch, but it’s important to be prepared.

Do you enjoy physical labor?

Owning a ranch will require work. How much work will depend on what you hope to do with your property, but owning land in the country isn’t like owning a lot in the city. If you aren’t prepared to do the work yourself, you should plan to hire someone who is, and include that in your budget.

Do you need the resources only a city can provide?

Wild Horse Ranch is in a unique spot. Being close to Laramie and the University of Wyoming means that many of the conveniences of a city are nearby, while still being away from the crowds and traffic. Still, if you’re used to living within walking distance of groceries, restaurants, and entertainment, living here will take some adjustment.

Are you prepared for winter?

If you enjoy cold weather activities like cross-country or downhill skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling, you’ll have plenty of opportunity here. And the weather is beautiful most of the year. Laramie has an average of 231 sunny days per year, compared to the national average of 205.

After pondering these questions, if ranch property sounds right for you, and especially if you’re thinking of a spot near Laramie, you owe it to yourself to give Wild Horse Ranch a look. Give us a call at 877.468.9802 to set up a tour of the property.

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