Buying Land to Keep Horses: What to Look For

September 3, 2021

Have you always dreamed of buying horse property? Perhaps you’ve loved horseback riding your whole life, but never had a place to keep horses of your own. You’ve worked, invested, and saved and now you’re looking for equestrian land where you can step out your door, hop aboard your trusted steed, and enjoy nature’s beauty.

As you begin exploring the country looking for your ideal place to keep horses, there are likely to be questions you haven’t yet considered. Let’s explore a few of those questions to help you find the perfect property to live your equestrian dream.

What do you need to raise horses?

Before beginning your property search, you’ll need to know what you’re looking for.

The property – how many acres do you need to raise a horse?

This is likely the primary consideration. Horses need room. But, how much is enough? How much is ideal?

It’s possible to keep a couple horses on a smallish lot of about an acre. That isn’t what’s recommended, though. Horses need room to roam, and they need pasture land. For happy, healthy horses, two-and-a-half acres or more per animal is a better recommendation. The land should have plenty of wild grass to graze on.

Room for a Barn and Stalls

In addition to pasture, your horses need shelter. If you hope to live with your horses, you’ll need room for a home for your family, too. Look for a lot with space to build.


Of course, your horses need plenty of water, so be sure that the property you consider has it available. A typical horse will drink about eight gallons every day, and that’s not counting what’s needed for cleaning.

A Place to Ride

For most people, there would be little point in owning horse property without the ability to get out and ride. As you search for ranchland to keep horses, consider the surrounding area where you’re likely to ride. If you enjoy exploring vast open spaces, Wyoming should top your list. If you’d like to ride into the wilderness, Wild Horse Ranch has much of it nearby.

We have several available horse properties in Wyoming at Wild Horse Ranch of 40+ acres—plenty to build a home and a barn, and enough room to keep several horses for you and your family. It’s even enough for a small horse farm. Water rights come with the property and landowners here are able to satisfy the needs of their families and their animals by drilling a well on their property. Get more information by filling out our request form here, and when you’re ready to see the property in person, just give us a call at 877.968.7996 to plan your visit.

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