How Arizona Property Taxes Compare to Other States

June 12, 2022

Land Before Sublime

Imagine an uninterrupted view of the sun sinking behind the canyon, a bighorn sheep quietly grazing in a pristine valley, fields of bright purple hyssop and green saguaro dotting a ruggedly beautiful desert landscape. Some of the most picturesque lands in the heart of the U S of A offered at an unbeatable value? Yes, please. Transform from suburb mouse to ranching royalty with the help of Brooks Ranch Land.

Profit Power

Thanks to the relatively low property taxes in Arizona, turning a profit on an Arizona ranch has never been easier. Arizona has been touted by experts year after year for its history of low local and state taxes, especially when it comes to real estate. While The Copper State’s neighbors suffer some of the largest tax rates in the nation, Arizona remains true to the ideals of financial liberty. Both Nevada and California exercise much higher property values than that of their neighbor to the south, Arizona.

Location, Location, Location

While property taxes remain relatively low and streamlined across Arizona, there is some variance at the local level. Cities, schools, water, community colleges, bond issues and more can help determine your property tax rate. In 2015, the average Arizona property taxes were between $12 and $13 per $100 of assessed value. Note: Assessed value is not the same as actual value. If you owned a home worth $100,000, the assessed value would be 10,000, and this is what you’d pay the 12% property tax on.

Math Matters

Based on local taxes, Arizona has the seventh lowest effective property tax rate. So, if you owned a $100,000 home in Arizona, you would pay approximately $660 in annual property taxes versus the national average of $1,150. What would you do with your savings? In addition, price hikes are shielded against by limiting the property valuation to a 10% growth over the prior year’s value or 25% of the difference between the previous year’s value and the current value of the property, whichever is greater. At these rates, you can afford to have your cake and eat it too.

The Canyon Calls

The unique beauty of the Grand Canyon State draws visitors from across the nation, but the low Arizona property taxes induces them to call Arizona home. The dinner bell’s ringing – Claim your pristine Arizona ranch land today!

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