How to Maintain Your Ranch

, , April 1, 2022

Whether you are running a horse or cattle ranch, you need to be prepared to dedicate all your time to it. Here are several things that you should do if you want to maintain your ranch well:

Maintaining your buildings and fences

Although buildings require less upkeep than fences, you need to be ready for any eventually. Repairing fences is a task you must learn how to do if you want to be a successful ranch owner. Calling a repairman every time your fence breaks can be very expensive in the long run.

Machinery upkeep

To run a ranch successfully, you need to have machinery that is in good working condition. Whether you have ATVs, tractors, tillage machinery, or forage harvesters, you must inspect each piece of machinery carefully. Pay close attention to whether the machines need oiling or greasing. You should also ensure that you have the right insurance papers for all the machinery that you own.

Managing grazing operation

If you own a cattle ranch, you need to manage the grazing operation. You should determine your grazing schedule by looking at the topography, soil, and vegetation of your land. Do you have any wildlife on your land? You also need to consider this. If you are not ready to do all this on your own, you can look at the numerous online resources that can help you to manage your grazing operations.

Animal upkeep

No matter which animals you have on your ranch, you need to take care of them properly. Make sure you have them regularly checked by a veterinarian. This could mean late-night visits or quarterly inspections. Therefore, you want to be sure to  have a close working relationship with one animal doctor in your area.


Although this is the least fun part of owning a ranch, it is important to achieve success. Bookkeeping is more than forwarding your financial paperwork to an accountant. It also involves calving, breeding, purchases, sales records, and staffing. If you are a cattle rancher, you can use bookkeeping programs such as CowProfit$ to manage everything from one central location. This will make it easier to maintain your ranch.

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