Life in and Around Laramie, Wyoming

April 28, 2021

When considering buying ranch property in Laramie, Wyoming, you’re likely wondering what life is like here. Is Laramie the perfect spot for your dream retirement home? Is it an ideal location for your working ranch? Will it make for a great vacation home for you and your family?


Wild Horse Ranch’s lots are right outside the town and provide the open space and seclusion you can only get from Wyoming ranchland. Since you’ll be close to town, though, you’ll probably be spending at least some of your time in Laramie.

While it’s a small town with a population a bit over 30 thousand, Laramie is home to the University of Wyoming. That is an advantage to Wild Horse Ranch residents, since it means that you’ll have access to the conveniences you’d expect in larger cities, but without the big-city crowds.


Laramie experiences seasons; you can expect snow in winter, but extreme sub-zero-Fahrenheit temperatures are rare here. In a typical year you can anticipate winter lows in the teens while summer highs might approach 80.


Wyoming itself is a very safe state to live in, with one of the lowest violent crime rates in the country, and Laramie is the second-safest city in one of the country’s safest states.


You might already know what a paradise our location is for outdoorspeople. As far as things to do here in town, though, you might be surprised what you’ll find here.

Are you a sports fan? The university is an NCAA Division I school and the Wyoming Cowboys football team has won 3 NCAA national championships. Men’s and women’s basketball games are also popular here among the locals.

Continuing the sports theme, rodeo is a big deal here—unsurprising, considering how strongly western culture influences life everywhere in the state. It is central to the annual Jubilee Days celebration which takes place every July (unsurprisingly, it was canceled for 2020 but is expected to return in 2021).

When you’re hungry, you’ll find plenty of delicious dining options in Laramie. While few visitors are surprised that burgers and steaks are popular here, you’ll also find great Mexican and Asian cuisine, pizza, and even tapas.

Entertainment choices go beyond sports here, too. If you love live music, particularly if country is your thing, you can find live bands playing at a number of local establishments. If you’re looking for culture, the university has a great art museum and there are a number of historical landmarks to explore.

There are plenty of great reasons to love our Wyoming ranch property without even considering its proximity to Laramie. When you add in the appeal of the town itself, though, it becomes a no-brainer to give it a second look. Find out more in our free information packet or give us a call at 888.968.7996 to schedule a visit.

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