Owning Equestrian Property in Wyoming

December 23, 2021

It won’t come as a shock to those who’ve explored the American west that horses are a large part of life for many Wyoming residents. If you have a love of all things equine, you may have considered investing in ranch property to pursue your passion for horses. Perhaps it’s your retirement dream to own land where you can raise horses for profit, or maybe you’d just like a place where you can keep a few steeds for your own and your family’s riding enjoyment. For horse-lovers of all kinds, Wyoming ranch property is an investment you should consider.

Wild Horse Ranch – the ideal Wyoming horse property?

As you explore locations for keeping horses, the land itself should be a primary concern. The property first needs to be zoned appropriately; Wild Horse Ranch lots are all zoned Agricultural-Residential, allowing you to keep your animals and live on the property, too, if you so choose.

You’ll also need room, of course; a couple acres of land per horse is a good rule-of-thumb. Most of our available Wyoming ranch lots are over 40 acres—plenty to keep several horses of your own, and even enough to start your own small Wyoming horse farm.

The land here is relatively flat and provides plenty of pasture as well. This means there’s lots of grass for your horses to graze on during the spring and summer. It also gives you plenty of room to ride on your own property. Even better, surrounding your property you’ll find an abundance of public land to explore on horseback.

Visit our Wyoming horse property

If you’re intrigued by the idea of owning equestrian land in the great American West, Wild Horse Ranch is a place you’ll need to see. Give us a call at 888.968.7996 to schedule a no-pressure visit, or fill out our request form now to receive our free info pack.

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