Three Essential Features for Living Off the Grid

, , March 30, 2022

The concept of living off the grid is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners seek ways to escape busy cities and dependence on mainstream manufacturers. The charm of living off the grid lies in the ability to be self sufficient and have more control over the way you live your life. When it comes to choosing the perfect ranch land for your escape, there are three important factors to keep in mind.


The absolute number one way to cut ties with the city and gain independence is finding land that has plenty of water available. In order to be sustainable, you need a fresh water source that is accessible and free from contaminates that is near your home. In most cases this means drilling a well and installing a storage pump for potable water. However, streams and lakes can also be useful resources for living off the grid.


The location you choose for off the grid living is also important to your success. Land that is too close to the city or other developments will likely be laden with building codes and zoning regulations. You need to find a space that is located far enough away to grant the freedoms you need, while still being accessible to nearby roadways.

The Geology

Living off the grid isn’t only about cutting your ties to the  supermarket. It also means having plenty of space to generate your own power and grow your own garden or raise cattle. If you plan on having a large enough garden to keep your family fed, along with a selection of livestock, and room for solar panels or windmills, you need to be sure the land is suitable. Some land simply will not grow the crops you need. In other cases your land may have too many trees or other obstacles for efficient power production. Paying attention to the lay of the land will make a difference down the road.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards moving off the grid today, contact Brooks Ranchland. We have plenty of open space available for building your dream homestead in Wyoming, New Mexico or Arizona. Our team can help you choose the perfect location with everything you need for sustainable, off the grid living on your terms.

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