Urban vs Rural Life: Should You Leave the City for a Wyoming Ranch?

January 20, 2021

People who invest in Wyoming ranch property come from a variety of backgrounds. While many are already used to life in a rural setting, quite a few come from the city, looking to escape. Rural life isn’t for everyone, so let’s look at some of the differences.


The city and the country both have lots to offer. Which appeals to you depends a lot on what you’re looking for.


In the city, your entertainment options are varied. If you enjoy the theatre, live music, shopping, and nightlife, it is abundant in metropolitan centers.

In the country, your entertainment might include more outdoor activities—hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, skiing and more. Some small towns, and Laramie is one, still offer some of the nightlife you’ll find in the city, but with a more “country” tone.


Cities often have multiple large hospitals and clinics, international airports, and other conveniences. The trade-off is that you’ll often have longer wait times for medical care and, of course, lots of traffic comes with those city conveniences.

In the country, you’ll usually have less wait to see your doctor for regular visits but might need to drive a bit for occasional specialized care. And though you won’t have a major airport in town, you won’t have the associated traffic, either.


If you’re the type of person who’s energized by being in large crowds, that’s something you’ll find in the city. On the flipside, if you prefer a bit of quiet and solitude, it’s easy to come by in the country.

In cities, it’s not uncommon that neighbors hardly know one another, despite living in very close proximity. Many city-dwellers prefer to socialize away from home.

In the country, while you might have a bit of space between yourself and your neighbors, people tend to know the people in their neighborhood and their town.

Each of those ways-of-life appeals to a different personality type, and a lot of us look for both at different times.


If a rural lifestyle is what you’re seeking, we certainly have it here. At the same time, we still have much of what many people love about life in the city. The town of Laramie—just 15 minutes from your Wyoming ranch lot—is home to the University of Wyoming where you can enjoy live sports, concerts, and other cultural activities frequently unavailable in small towns.

There’s a regional airport here where you can catch a 40-minute flight to Denver, so even though you won’t ever deal with big airport traffic, you’ll have the same access as you would in the city.

There are plenty of great restaurants and bars where you can grab a bite and even check out some live entertainment.

And you’ll be living in an outdoorsperson’s paradise, so if you love to hunt, fish, camp, or hike, you can do it right outside your door.

It might just be the perfect spot to escape urban life… whether it’s a full-time dwelling or just a vacation home.

Give us a call at 877.468.9802 to set up a no-obligation tour. We look forward to showing you around.

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