What You Should Know Before Purchasing Wyoming Mountain Property

June 4, 2022

Key Information to Know Before Purchasing a Ranch

The Brooks Companies has been assisting with land and ranch purchases in Wyoming since 1969. We have branched out our services over the years to include both Arizona and New Mexico in addition to our Wyoming mountain property. While it is our privilege to locate the perfect piece of land for you to call home we try to assist each of our clients in making not only the smart decision but the right one.

Real estate investment is becoming increasingly popular for those between the ages of 25 and 44. With the unknown of the nation’s social security future, investing in a ranch as a primary, secondary, or extra income property is a smart investment. Before you begin your search we have outlined a few questions you should ask yourself. Understanding how much work you want to put in and what you can afford should always be your starting point before any large ranch purchase.

Key Questions

First and foremost, before purchasing a ranch you should determine how much time will be required of you. A small ranch alone requires at least 20 hours of labor. Do you have the time to put into your ranch or are you able to hire extra help?

The second thing you should consider is what is your land’s carrying capacity? Carrying capacity is the maximum number of animals you are allowed to house. When you think of your ranch’s future, how big do you see it? Make sure you not only have the time and money to purchase your ranch, but also the space for your animals.

Conduct your research on what can be expected for both net and gross income. When asking yourself how much you would like to make, dig deep within your community to find realistic margin numbers. It is best to underestimate the value of your annual production then to overestimate it.

The Brooks Companies Can Help

With over 40 years of experience selling ranches in the Wyoming mountain property area it is our job to answer any questions you may have at The Brooks Companies. These questions are just the beginning. Managing a ranch requires a lot of responsibility and hard work. Coming prepared to the purchasing process is key. With hard work, extensive research, and a willingness to turn a profit owning a ranch can be the perfect investment.

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