Why Spring Flower Ranch is the Perfect Spot for Your Second Home

July 18, 2022

After years of the “daily grind,” many Americans look to get away from time-to-time. While most of us spend 50 weeks out of every year so that we can enjoy a two-week vacation, there are those who’d rather have a private getaway they can call their own—a place they can spend their vacation time, yes, but a place they can visit any time they choose.

For those who enjoy nature and the outdoors, investing in ranchland provides an ideal place to build a second home. That home provides a perfect getaway at the end of a stressful week, and can eventually make for a perfect retirement home when that time arrives.

Is a ranch property investment right for you?

Investing in Arizona ranch property can be a great choice for the right people. Those who’ve lived and worked in or near the city crowds often dream of an escape. If you enjoy being surrounded by mountains and trees, being near lakes and streams, or being close to wildlife, a ranch home in Arizona might be your perfect break from your hectic daily life.

Why Arizona?

The state of Arizona has a lot going for it as a location for a second home. The splendor of America’s Southwest is on full display here, with the natural beauty of Sedona, Lake Powell, and of course, the Grand Canyon.

The weather here offers variety, from the dry, hot climate of its deserts to the more moderate weather of the Colorado Plateau.

You can enjoy the outdoors here almost every day of the year—we get 300 days of sunshine annually, on average.

And if the outdoor life appeals to you, Arizona’s got plenty to go around. In fact, all of the wilderness in the Midwest combined doesn’t even add up to half what Arizona has! The state has 4.5 million acres of protected wilderness land, and that’s just a small fraction of the total public land available to enjoy. Much of that public land will be right outside your door in Spring Flower Ranch.

Why Spring Flower Ranch?

The state itself has a lot to offer, and Spring Flower Ranch provides one of the best spots in the state to build your dream home—whether it’s a vacation getaway, a retirement home, or you plan to make it your current full-time residence.

The location is just accessible enough—it’s right next to the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon” known as Williams, Arizona, which provides all the amenities you might need. Yet it’s away from the population centers of Phoenix and Tucson. Flagstaff is about thirty minutes to an hour’s drive away, so for the rare occasion that Williams doesn’t have what you need, you won’t have too far to go. And if you’re ever missing city life, Las Vegas is less than four hours away by car.

Sound intriguing?

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