Wyoming Ranch Property Investment—Is Wild Horse Ranch the Perfect Spot for You?

June 22, 2022

Many Americans have had the dream of owning a place in the country. Perhaps you’ve spent your life in cities for work, and now you’re thinking of retiring somewhere a bit more peaceful. Maybe you’ve experienced rural life in the past and you’re considering a return. Maybe you’re just looking for a country getaway for you and your family.

Why invest in ranch property?

There are a lot of great reasons to invest in real estate, including diversifying your investments and the creation of long-term wealth. Considering ranchland specifically, there are some advantages to purchasing acreage in the country that are worth keeping in mind.

  • You get more acreage for your money. Property in the city is notoriously expensive. In some metropolitan areas, homeownership is a pipe-dream for all but the very wealthy. Even in the more affordable cities, home lots tend to be small. Often, if you hope to have a yard of more than just a few square feet, you’ll need to look to the outskirts of the city and into the suburbs. Rural lots, by contrast, are more often measured in acres than square feet. A ranch home provides plenty of room to spread out.
  • You might save taxes. Depending on how the land will be used, investments in ranch property might provide tax advantages over urban property investment. While this might not be your primary reason for purchasing ranchland in Wyoming or elsewhere, it is worth discussing with your tax professional.
  • You love the outdoors. If city or even suburban life makes you feel “cooped up,” owning land in the country can provide a welcome getaway. The natural surroundings of many ranch properties are a major draw for those with an appreciation of nature. The wide-open spaces for many investors are a primary reason for owning property in the country.
  • You dream of retiring in the country. Owning a ranch in the country where you can build a retirement home might be a lifelong dream. You may be surprised to discover just how attainable your dream retirement home in the country can be.

Things to consider when investing in rural land

There are, of course, considerations to a rural land investment that are different from purchasing property elsewhere. Such property appeals to a specific type of individual, and might not be ideal for everyone.

  • The land may not be fully developed. If your past real estate investments have all had paved roads along with access to municipal water supplies and utilities, owning a ranch in Wyoming can take some adjustment. Our properties are all accessible by bladed, crowned, and ditched roads and many do have electricity to the property line; however, it is likely that you will need to make some improvements.
  • You may need to drill a well. When considering buying any rural land, you should verify that water is available. “Water rights” for our Wyoming ranch properties belong to the state and come with the land. You are entitled to drill a well at your own expense, or you may consider sharing a well with a neighbor if both parties are amenable to it.
  • Cable TV and internet may be unavailable. If you rely on these luxuries, life in the country will take some getting used to. On the other hand, if you are looking to escape the noise and distractions of city life, getting away from electronic intrusions may be something you look forward to. That said, if these are luxuries you can’t do without, satellite internet and TV can fulfill that need.

Why invest in ranch property in Wyoming?

Wyoming ranch property offers some advantages you won’t find elsewhere. The state is among the most beautiful America has to offer, particularly for those who appreciate the romanticism of the “Old West.” It offers mountains and rivers, including two national parks. It’s also one of the most tax-friendly states in the country, allowing your dollars to stretch further than they will elsewhere.

About Wild Horse Ranch

If you’re thinking of investing in Wyoming ranchland, Wild Horse Ranch might be just the spot you’re looking for. We are conveniently located near Laramie, Wyoming; the property is on one of the few remaining wild horse sanctuaries in the country; and it’s paradise for outdoorspeople, with lots on and near Lake Hattie, and with Medicine Bow National Forest right next door.

We have lots beginning at $89,800. Give us a call at 877.470.1725, or click here to get your free information packet.

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